Bacon Wrapped Dates

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bacon-wrapped-datesSome of the best foods are simple ones.  These  hors d’oeuvres  are simple, elegant and delicious!  Try serving these at your next party.

1 package whole pitted dates
1 package bacon (regular or maple flavor)

Cook bacon until done. Working quickly while bacon is plyable wrap half a piece of bacon around each date.  You can use decorative toothpicks to hold them in place if desired, but as bacon becomes crisp it will stay wrapped around the date.  Place on a decorative dish and serve.

*Note:  I cook 2-3 pieces of bacon at a time in the microwave.  I use a microwave bacon tray so the grease will drain away. By cooking just a few pieces at a time you can work with the bacon before it crisps up.

~Marsha Bradford

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