Hi!  My name is Marsha Bradford and  I grew up on a small farm in Alabama.  I have always been interested in cooking and entertaining.  I love to cook for a crowd just as much as I do for just two people.  I am a cook and not a chef, but I do know how to cook and please the pallet of my family and friends.

This site will have all the southern classic foods like fried chicken and sweet tea, but southerners are modern people too!  Southerners, like anyone else, are no stranger to acquired stereotypes.  We no longer sit on the front porch swings sipping tea and fanning ourselves while wearing our southern bell dresses.  When I’m in the kitchen I have on my shorts and tank top just like everyone else.  That said, the tradition of southern hospitality is still going strong here and that can’t help but show through in my cooking.  As much as we all love our southern classic foods, southern people eat a wide variety of foods as well.  You may find recipes on the site that sounds more Italian than southern, but hey, every one lives south of some where!

Not all of the recipes here are mine.  Some I’ve acquired from neighbors and friends.  I’ve taken some well-known traditional recipes and added my own touch to them.  I’ve also modernized many of these recipes to be healthier that some traditional southern foods.  Even with all of the experimenting and modernization I do with recipes, family heirloom recipes that have been passed down through many generations remain some of my favorites.

I have had discussions with many different people about cooking and it seems to be coming back into favor since people have had to budget more strictly now.  In today’s world of two parents working and single parent homes and an ever increasing workload, the generation now coming into adulthood, on average, does not have as much experience cooking as previous generations enjoyed.  My goal is to create a site that has something to offer to every one no matter what your cooking level.

I would like to encourage every one to play with their food!  Don’t be afraid to experiment or try things a different way. Keep it simple until you are comfortable with experimenting, and you may just surprise yourself!  You never know, you could be creating your family’s new favorite dish!